Bone Grafting and Regeneration

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Making complex cases more straightforward with advanced techniques

Bone grafting

In some cases, implants are not always a straightforward option. Missing teeth can cause the natural bone in your jaw to deteriorate, meaning it is not sufficient enough to successfully hold an implant. Using careful planning and advanced techniques, bone grafting can help restore stability to your jaw and allow you to have an implant fitted.

Occasionally it is necessary to use bone from another source, when the spaces in your mouth that require dental implants do not have sufficient bone quantity present. We use only synthetic bone graft material at Docklands Dental House.

Sinus Lift Augmentation

Often, following the loss or removal of upper back teeth, your sinuses will enlarge. Dental implants need to be surrounded by solid bone, rather than the air-filled space of the sinus, making Sinus Lift Augmentation an effective option.

It is a surgical procedure which replaces bone that has been lost due to the enlarged sinus.

Implant Site Development

If an infection causes a tooth to be removed, it can result in lost bone around the infected area. We are able to perform various types of bone grafting at the time of the tooth removal, in preparation for placement of a dental implant at a later stage.

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